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Ryan J. Hubbard
ryanjhubbard (at) gmail (dot) com

2012 – 2015 
Designer, Fuzzco   
Graphic Design Manager, Hufft  
2015 – 2018 
Senior Brand Designer, Intercom
Senior Design Manager, Medium

Intercom World Tour

The Intercom World Tour is an annual series of speaking and networking events hosted by Intercom. The 2017 tour's theme was "Lessons Learned." During the tour, we shared our successes and failures as a rapidly growing start up, during what we refer to as our company's adolescence. The identity for the tour reflects that sort of rebelliousness and ever changing nature of the company during that time.

World Tour leg one booklet / Fifty plus pages on newsprint / A takeaway for guests
Interactive screen / Built for reception area / At every tour date
Screen printed posters / Two color ways for each leg / Four variations

Intercom Customer Support Trophies

A set of four trophies for Intercom's customer support team, awarded quarterly to the best performers on the team. This project was completed in roughly 2 weeks, with the only direction being that we needed to include provided copy.

Miscellaneous Posters

Various posters / Made during nights and weekends / Primarily just for fun

Hello, Marjorie

Identity work for a cocktail bar located in Des Moines, Iowa. Located in the former lobby of the Des Moines Register and named after the owner's grandmother, the bar needed to have a homey, classic feel while still feeling new to Des Moines. 

Identity suite / Logos, menus, wallpaper / Window signage as well

Tape Garden Prints

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