Project Proposal


01. Studio Overview

Ryan J. Hubbard Studio is the studio of, well, Ryan Hubbard. Ryan's worked in design and branding for 7 years, both agency and in-house. He's been a part of projects big and small, in fields ranging from the service industry, to tech, to architecture, to furniture companies, to world-famous magicians (or illusionists... whatever).

No matter the client, though, you are treated the same: as a partner. Ryan works with every client directly, in an effort to better understand their needs and create work that suits them.

02. Approach

The studio's approach is that of exploring possibilities and asking questions. Perfect does not exist, and done is subjective. To achieve work that's new and unexpected, it helps to ask what else something can be and if you've explored every angle. There are many answers to the questions posed in the design process, and we'll work to find the right answer that best fits the client.

03. Process

Every project begins with a kickoff meeting, which is an important sounding term for a pretty casual conversation where we'll talk about who you are, your aspirations, what your project's goals are, and any challenges that may lay down the road. We'll all walk out with a clearer idea about the parameters of the project and what we're aiming to accomplish together.

    Be prepared to discuss:

    01. Brand vision, hopes, and dreams
    02. Company mission, history, and future
    03. Expectations, thoughts, goals, and aspirations
    04. Target audiences
    05. Competitors
    06. Likes & dislikes
    07. Project scope, timelines, deliverables, and budget
    08. Point of contact for the project duration
    09. All of your big ideas

    Step 1 – Kickoff

    As noted above, our first step is a project kickoff where we get together and talk through all the big, important stuff.

      Step 2 – Agreement

      We'll sign a contract that outlines the exact scope and terms of the project.

      Step 3 – Deposit

      Before design work officially begins, a 50% estimated project cost is due as a deposit. This ensures both parties are equally invested, moving forward.

        Step 4 – Initial Directions

        We'll present 2-3 (possibly more) initial directions, with mood boards and sketches, when applicable. You'll choose one direction to move forward and provide feedback.

        Step 5 – Design Rd. 1

        We'll present two different executions on the initial direction chosen. You'll choose one to move forward with. 

          Step 6 – Revisions

          We'll go through 2 rounds of revisions and refinements. You'll be able to see updated designs and give feedback two times after Design Rd. 1. Additional revision rounds will come at an extra fee.

          Step 7 – Final Payment

          Prior to delivery of final assets, the remaining 50% of the project fees is due.

            Step 8 – Delivery

            You'll recieve final designs and deliverables as outlined in our agreement.

            04. Proposal

            Based on our initial discussion and an expedited timeline required for a planned PR push, I think it makes sense to split the project into two phases.

            The first phase will focus primarily on the CitySmart logo, business cards, and perhaps a pamphlet. Phase Two will focus on extending and applying the work done in Phase One, covering app store images, website front-end redesign, social media covers, and app splash screens.

            This proposal is focused on Phase One, and will be updated to include Phase Two at the conclusion of Phase One.

            All project fees are based on an estimate of hours required to complete deliverables, at a rate of $100 / hour. I'm flexible and more than open to discuss the rate in order to find something that works for everyone. The most important thing is that we do good work together.

              Phase One breakdown:

              01. Logo design - 16 hrs,
              02. Business card - 4 hrs.
              03. Pamphlet - 8 hrs.

              Total hours: 28
              Total cost: $2,800*

              Phase Two breakdown:

              01. Website redesign
              02. App store images
              03. Social media covers
              04. App splash screens

              Total hours: TBD
              Total cost: TBD

              *This proposal does not include costs for photography, illustration, or typface licensing, nor cost of printing, fabrication, development or any other means of production.

              Thank you 🙂

              This page is intended only for Donald Hawkins and CitySmart. Please do not distribute.